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Currituck Beach Lighthouse, northern Outer Banks, Corolla Village, NC.  This tall slender beauty is constructed of approximately one million bricks and stands 162 feet.  Left unpainted it is one of the few that reveals the natural brick color.  The first-order lens is the largest Fresnel lens and can be seen from 18 nautical miles.  This lighthouse is open daily for public tours.  The 214 step spiral staircase climbs to a view of Currituck Sound, the Atlantic Ocean and the Currituck Outer Banks.  For more information visit:


Nags Head, NC

Beach House-Nags Head

Just love this shot from ocean front

Sunrise in Nags Head

My morning on the dunes

City Life

Located just west of the southern tip of Kent Island in the Chesapeake Bay, Bloody Point Bar remains active, in spite of it’s perilous past.  Mounted on an iron caisson, the 40 foot round cast iron tower was constructed in 1882.  The following winter storms caused the structure’s stone foundation to be rinsed away, thus causing a 6 degree tilt to the northwest side.  Further damage was halted by the placement of riprap stone at the base to stop the erosion.  In 1884-85 efforts were made to right the tower by dredging and placement of  additional rock forming a “scour apron” around the foundation bringing the tower to within 2 degrees of vertical.  In 1960 the original fourth-order Fresnel lens was destroyed in a fire.  It was replaced with an 300mm acrylic lens with a 54 foot focal plane.

In 2006, Bloody Point was sold to a private owner for the sum of $100,000.  The Nevada lawyer plans to restore the light and dedicate a room to a small brewery, which he hopes will cover the maintenance of the light itself.