Welcome to my Blog!   I have recently started my Blog and am learning the ropes.  So if you are here then I must be doing something right!!

I am a mother of four, have a daughter-in-law, and will soon be a grandma.  I have enjoyed staying home with my youngest two children for the past 7 years.  I recently started back to college working on my Associates in Business Administration, currently studying website design and photography.  I have found the love for photography last year, 2011.  My photos are essentially what I see, I like sharing these simpler things with my family and friends or anyone that enjoys seeing my work.

I enjoy spending time outdoors, whether it be the beach or the mountains.  I find living near the Chesapeake very fulfilling.  We enjoy the Bay and the Potomac River.  My hopes for this summer/fall is to take a trip north on the coast and capture the lighthouses on the way.