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I love photography, capturing the things I see and sharing that experience with others.  Here during a segment of my self portraiture project for school I sit viewing my photos I framed for an upcoming show.

Today I am sorting through files on my cards and found this…I wonder if I should take another class?  As stressful as it was “making the grade” I walked away with more than I ever imagined.



Apical view of this dextral gastropod, smaller than the face of a dime


Railroad Ties

A panoramic of the Hanover Street Bridge

Things in my yard

My new friend…hanging out on the patio last night.  He’s small compared to some we have seen around here

Aucuba japonica I grew from cuttings

Colorful dead beetle by the wood pile

Tiny white butterfly on my lavender bush

A Black Eyed Susan I grew from seed last year

The ever elegant Calla Lily

An old picture window I plan on doing something creative with one day
















I thought this guy was pretty considering he’s one of those annoying bugs hanging around the porch light