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This year we took the kids to Larriland Farm in Woodbine, MD to pick pumpkins and to hopefully catch the sunflower fields before it was too late…it was a bit too late.  Hopefully I will catch it next year.  _MG_1979 _MG_2004

Although the flowers were not at their most gracious moments it was interesting to see them in their changing state.  Patrons can pick their flowers for whatever use, display or seeds for next year.  There were many that were still in bloom and unpicked so the trip wasn’t a total waste, we did get our seeds, I got some shots and we walked out with 65 pounds of pumpkins.  Yes I left dad in charge of that while I took photos…_MG_1956 _MG_1962 _MG_1960

That’s all for now.  Thinking…maybe next year!!


I’ve always loved a good thunderstorm, listening to the thunder from afar, hearing the rain on the hallway skylite.  I like to have my windows open if possible so I can hear and “feel” the rain.  I also love the mornings after, with the raindrops still on the flowers and plants.  Today I took my camera out and captured some of what I saw…

rhododendron, rain drops, green leaf

Raindrops on a Rhododendron Leaf


My Neighbor’s Day lily After the Rain



rain drops, branch

Droplets on my Japanese Maple


Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and may the new year bring many joys and blessings!

It’s been a while since my last post.  I’ve been busy finishing up a semester at school and getting ready for the holidays.  On top of that I taught my self to knit, I made a pretty scarf for my son’s teacher, and also made a couple batches of cold-process soap that smell so nice.


Now that I have a break from the pressures of school I have been doing some reading and catching up with some of my photography material I’ve been accumulating.  The past couple of weeks concentrating on shooting at night, prompted by a blog/website by Jim Harmer, 22 Things You Can Do Today to Change Your Photography Forever, Action #7 Shoot night photography in your own city.

Hopefully this winter break will afford me more time to shoot and therefore POST!!

Happy New Year to all my blogger friends!

Fall Is Here!

With the warm days we have been having this month it has been hard to acknowledge that fall is upon us but it officially started in September.  Having to turn on the heater finally makes it feel a bit more seasonable.  Although I sadly miss the warmth of summer, I am looking forward to the upcoming holidays and  fun events.

The view of a colorful drive from Shawan Road in Hunt Valley

Papa John’s Farm in Severn


Fall colors

Thank you!.


Heart of Stone

Life is Good