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Fall on the Farm


Fall Is Here!

With the warm days we have been having this month it has been hard to acknowledge that fall is upon us but it officially started in September.  Having to turn on the heater finally makes it feel a bit more seasonable.  Although I sadly miss the warmth of summer, I am looking forward to the upcoming holidays and  fun events.

The view of a colorful drive from Shawan Road in Hunt Valley

Papa John’s Farm in Severn


Fall colors


As I was traveling on the Eastern Shore this house caught my eye

Inside some open doors I was able to see some of  “what used to be”

I am drawn to the details…the colors, the doors.  For me they are still quite beautiful even in their deteriorated state

I wonder who lived here?  How were their lives?  Happy I hope.  What I will never know

I’m grateful to have noticed this lovely old home and behold its astonishing state

Perhaps this is an example of seeing the glass half full instead of half empty


Built in 1930, by Charleston Drydock & Machine Co. of Charleston, SC, light vessel 116 began its work life in the first of five assignments over a period of 40 years.  Lightships often were moved from one lightship station to another and renamed; the hull number remained the same that is until the USGC assigned new hull numbers for ships in commission up to April 1950.

As permanent light stations and automated buoys were established in the 1960s lightships were becoming obsolete.  In 1965 the Chesapeake Lightship 116/538, after 20 years serving her station at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, was replaced by Chesapeake Light, a tower-type constructed lighthouse, modeled from offshore oil drilling platforms.

Lightship 116/538 is now located in the Baltimore Inner Harbor as part of the Baltimore Maritime Museum.

The 30,000 candela main light shines on an overcast day in the Baltimore Inner Harbor.


While camping overnight at Point Lookout my friend and I played with long exposures and came up with these shots of the piers on Lake Conoy, the view from our campsite.  Just beyond the road in the background is the Bay. 

This second shot was about 20 minutes later and from a slightly different angle.


I love photography, capturing the things I see and sharing that experience with others.  Here during a segment of my self portraiture project for school I sit viewing my photos I framed for an upcoming show.

Today I am sorting through files on my cards and found this…I wonder if I should take another class?  As stressful as it was “making the grade” I walked away with more than I ever imagined.